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Fresh air, beautiful views & great walks only moments from Main Street, Cortland: Come hike our cemeterails

Looking for a unique walking experience right in the heart of downtown Cortland? Consider walking the "cemetrails" at the historic Cortland Rural Cemetery! Along lovely ,winding roads you'll enjoy:

  • 20 interpretive/educational signs that teach you about famous folks buried in our cemetery, the geology of our monument, artistic observations, and facts about our 160+ year-old institution

  • amazing trees (many of them marked, by species...including two NYS, DEC-verified champions!)

  • over 19,000 graves, many adorned with beautiful markers

  • and, of course, a little peace, quiet, and contemplative respite from the daily grind...just as the Victorian designers of our cemetery hoped you would when visiting us! (See what we mean, at the

Wikipedia page on rural cemeteries or our own wikipedia page!)


To orient yourself, visit our map kiosk (near the cemetery office, just as you enter the cemetery) -- or download our self-guided tour map.




Want to learn more about the CRC's effort to reinvent itself -- and preserve its beauty and future -- through initiatives like this? Check out the following links:

- article in Syracuse Post Standard

- AP News article

- visit and Like our Facebook page (it's rich with information on our


A note about dogs and winter: We love dogs as much as anyone, but they are fundamentally incompatible with cemeteries: the final resting places of our loved ones is no place for leg-lifting and dog droppings. Secondly, for your safety and to reduce liability/accidents we cannot afford -- our cemetrails are generally closed during the winter months, unless no snow is present: If our sawhorse-barriers have been placed across our roads, please do not proceed up the hill). Thank you for understanding and for your cooperation.

If you DO take a walk on our grounds, please tell the world if you enjoyed it on TripAdvisor!

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