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Welcome to the CRC's "arboretum" page...

Where you'll be able to read about the major species of trees in our cemetery AND watch as we make progress toward establishing our grounds as a bona fide "arboretum." (Our goal is to eventually become a National Arbor Society Certified Arboretum, which means a minimum of 100 distinct species.)

As of this writing (on November 2, 2014), our favorite tree guru -- Dr. Steve Broyles, who heads up SUNY Cortland's Biology Department and who is generously donating his time and expertise in this endeavor -- has identified 30 distinct and noteworthy species (mostly native to our region) and counted over 300 specimens in total across our 44+ acres. (Shown at left is a tremendous "hophornbeam" that is a contender to be a NYS Champion based on its size and age; we'll let you know what the DEC's ruling is!)

Below is a list of our 30 major specimens; stay tuned to watch this list grow -- and for opportunities for the public to 'sponsor' new trees in the coming years.

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